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  At the age of thirteen, King Jimbo knew that as soon as he picked up his computer mic his life would change. Falling in love with the art of rap, he spent his time and energy dedicated to his music.

"I worked hard, each time I got on the mic I knew that I had the capability of improving my sound." 

At the tender age of six years old, he was forced  to leave his home country (Liberia, West Africa) due to a civil war. Adjusting to the new lifestyle and changes that he faced in Knoxville, Tennessee was not easy. But Jimbo did not let this get him down, he continues to write about his childhood and experiences in his music.

"I want to inspire other people, the same way that Lil Wayne and J Cole inspired me. I want to let people know that it is okay to follow your dreams, and not give up. There will always be negative people to talk you down, you just have to ignore them and do you." 

 King Jimbo now lives in Fort Worth,Texas. His plan is to build a buzz in the local scene & hopefully reach the next level of success.